Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Why systemic stories?

Since I started studying towards a Master's degree in systems thinking (the Open University Systems Thinking in Practice) I have started to become much more of a 'systems thinker'.

To me that means that I have become much more adept at spotting how single events or stories are part of a bigger picture, that there are connections and dynamic relationships, and that we are often looking at things with very narrow boundaries which make it difficult to actually realise why something is happening or how it can be resolved in some way.

This often happens when I am listening to the radio news in the mornings, and hear some expert talking about a current issue and they say something like, "It's a systemic problem." Ding ding. I might think about it for a while but then forget about it as the rest of the day overwhelms me.

But I thought it might be a useful exercise to try and capture these stories, and do some simple first-level thinking about why they are systemic and what the issues are.

And so this blog was born.

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